CPG Management

Why Choose VAYA SUR?


  • Superior track record of category growth on behalf of Mexico’s leading retailers
  • Critical, long-standing relationships with buyers and purchasing directors


  • Fast, effective market entry and development - designed for enduring success

Scale Benefits

  • VAYA SUR represents portfolios of unique and ‘best-of-breed’ products in select categories. In addition to captivating buyer excitement, this yields significant scale benefits and cost-savings for our clients.

Risk Reduction

  • VAYA SUR helps eliminate cross-border contractual, diversion, and product-return risks
  • VAYA SUR ensures you maintain complete control over your brands and intellectual property

“VAYA SUR’s creative market entry strategy and low-risk business model led us to make the move into Mexico far sooner than we had planned.”
Greg Stroh -
CEO, Mix1 Beverages


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